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If this is what you call “pretty”, what planet are you from? Her eyes are sunken, her skin looks pasty, she’s got massive circles around her eyes, her eyebrows look fake… What is wrong with society and its interpretation of beauty? Beauty is NOT the size 0 “models” you see strutting down the runway, collarbones and wrist bonesand just about every bone on show, either overly-made up or no makeup whatsoever so they look gaunt and horrible. Beauty is being beautiful inside, as well as outside. Being beautiful on the inside is 90% of beautiful. If you have a nice personality, you’ll automatically appear more beautiful to other people. I’m about a size 8 or a 10, and I’m completely fine with that. I’m not into exercise, I will swim and I horse ride, but I’m not overly into running or athletics so you won’t see me in the Olympic or Paralympic Games any time soon (although you may want to watch out for me on the equestrian circuit in the near future). I don’t WANT to be skinny, it’s not a good look. I don’t WANT to have a thigh gap. I don’t WANT my collarbones to stick out. I don’t NEED any of that. It’s unhealthy, and if beauty means being unhealthy,
Society is really fucked up.

calm yourself down, she’s the queen anyway

relax. she’s so fine

She’s Very ATTRACTIVE. That Is the correct word.

That comment is so rude what the hell!! That is an actual person your talking about! And she’s beautiful! It is not beautiful of you to assume someone is unhealthy just because they are thin..Give ur head a shake

the first comment is so messed up, praising beauty on the inside then two seconds later hating on skinny people, you know, some people are simply born skinny, still they live healthy lives, so they dont need your shit and who are you to determine who’s and what’s beautiful?

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Backstage at Les Copains Fall 2014 RTW

Kylie Bax photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia 1996